Frequently Asked Questions

This page should answer your immediate questions about CAB volunteering. Click on the question below to get the answer.

If you’ve already decided to volunteer, please fill in your details on our volunteer application form.


You will need to complete an application form which you can access here 

We pride ourselves on the levels of support and encouragement all our volunteers receive. We recognise that some people will need more support than others and we offer additional help to enable people to reach their full potential. Our recruitment staff are focused on matching the individual to the right volunteering role, so please discuss your particular needs with them.

Every volunteer is supported to ensure that you achieve your true potential and that any issues identified are dealt with promptly. You will be supported to undertake all the training relevant to your role.

We strive to ensure that premises and equipment are as accessible as possible. However, our office at Tunbridge Wells is on the fifth floor which may make it difficult for some people. We will discuss this with you when you apply.

Citizens Advice also provides support and networking through Disabled People Creating Change (DPCC). This provides a voice for people with disabilities within the service and acts as a resource for disability-related issues, providing information, training and support. More information on joining the group can be found on CABLink in the bureau

Both.  However, the application form and interview is a two-way process. It enables us to find out more about you, to ensure that you are suitable for the role, but also enables you to ensure that the volunteering opportunity meets your needs and interests. 

One of the strengths of the CAB service is the diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experiences our volunteers bring to their roles.

If you feel that you have skills that would be particularly useful to us then please mention these on your application form.

It will depend on which role in which you are interested.

All volunteers receive comprehensive, free training so do not need any previous qualifications or experience. However, you will need to be open-minded, non-judgemental, be able to listen, learn, and work in a team.

Our offices are learning environments and volunteering in any role will give you the chance to develop your skills

All our volunteers obtain something slightly different from the experience.

Some of the most common benefits reported are:

  • making a difference to an individual’s life
  • changing the way things work for the better
  • receiving highly respected training
  • getting invaluable work experience
  • developing new skills
  • putting existing skills to good use
  • getting involved with the community
  • making new friends

All client facing volunteers receive comprehensive free training, which is recognised and respected throughout the country. The training programme consists of observation, working through self-study packs and courses supplied by Citizens Advice.

You will be supported throughout your training by our Training Supervisor.

As we recruit several trainees at any one time, you are likely to be training with other new volunteers.

Often.  Tunbridge Wells & District  Citizens Advice needs around 30 new volunteers every year to meet the constant demand for advice.

Check which roles we are currently recruiting for by clicking here.

All volunteers are fully supported and supervised throughout their involvement with CAB.

There is a supervisor on duty at each advice session to guide and assist all client facing volunteers.

We make sure that you are not put in situations that are beyond your abilities, and will work with you to help ensure that you find volunteering with us both challenging and rewarding.

This depends largely on the role you would like to volunteer in and the amount of training you will need.  We usually ask for a day a week commitment.

If you would like more information about this before you apply then please contact the Training Supervisor on 01892 617256.

Tunbridge Wells & District bureaux tend to be open during office hours. You can check the bureaux opening times here.

If you work full time and therefore are never available during the day it is unlikely you will be able to train as an Adviser or Gateway Assessor. Other roles may be more flexible in the times that you can volunteer. Some roles even allow you to volunteer from home for part of the time, e.g. trustee, fundraiser, PR officer. You can discuss the details with us when we contact you.

We reimburse travel expenses for volunteers who travel by public transport to us.  We also reimburse car travel up to 15 miles each way.

No unfortunately we are unable to contribute towards childcare costs.