How clients have been helped by our service

Here are just some of the ways in which local people have been helped by Citizens Advice, Tunbridge Wells and District.  We are here to help you too.

Robert was married with two children and had his own company. A random attack in broad daylight had a catastrophic effect on his life and he lost everything: his company, his family and ended up street homeless and suffering the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. He was referred to us by a homeless charity and within a year his life has been transformed:  he has been housed; is in receipt of the appropriate benefits and receives support for his addiction. His mental health is improving and he is turning his life around.

John was involved in a traffic accident which affected his cognitive abilities. He now lives alone and suffers from mild paranoia. A benefits adviser noticed that he was receiving the incorrect benefit. Through the adviser’s action John has received a substantial back payment which has improved his mental health and quality of life.

Irene is in her seventies and suffers from mental health problems. During a benefit assessment it was noted that she did not have a personal alarm. A few weeks after receiving the alarm Irene was admitted to hospital after suffering a heart attack.  She had used the alarm to call for help which medical staff say had very possibly saved her life.